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 Northern Watch Combat Training

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PostSubject: Northern Watch Combat Training    Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:02 pm

Thu, January 12, 11pm – Fri, January 13, 12am
Held in the Gorbesh Fort, near Langenfirth on Thursdays at 11pm east. From the Langenfirth bridge, Go bridge, N, N, Go shore, N, NW, Go trail, NW, SW, Go Gate, SW. (map)
Polish up your armor, sharpen up your swords and come join us at 11:00 pm est. for our weekly combat training! These sessions are designed to get you used to fighting an intelligent opponent in life or death combat. If you've always been curious about PvP but never knew how to get into it, this is a good place to learn. Everyone is welcome to come whether to watch or fight, but remember necromancers and sorcerers will be used as live target practice!
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Northern Watch Combat Training
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