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 Improve your PvP skills this Monday!

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Improve your PvP skills this Monday! Empty
PostSubject: Improve your PvP skills this Monday!   Improve your PvP skills this Monday! I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 29, 2011 9:22 pm

Monday, October 3rd the Wyvern Arena will be holding another PvP event which I believe will be especially good practice for our new PvPers. It is a layed back and very fast paced format I like to call the Arcade Gauntlet. Crosspost information below.

Arcade Gauntlet
The five Arena rooms will be divided into circle brackets. 30th and under. 50th and under. 70th and under. 100th and under. 149th and under.
**Note: Partway through the night when everyone has gone I will be opening up the 149th and under room to be No Limits.

I will request that everyone Call Out what bracket they will be participating in and will record the fighter names in the order that they are announced. I will state which room will be which bracket, and the first two fighters that submitted their names will be the first two to fight. This format does not support leaving the assigned room. The winner of the match will become Arcade Master of that room.

The Arcade Master stays in the room for his or her circle bracket regardless of wounds, injury or otherwise. The loser should be dragged back to triage and the next contender will go to the room and challenge the Arcade Master. This should place a kind of endurance handicap on the one who continually wins.
**Note: The system will not allow the Arcade Master to accept a CHALLENGE if too many wounds have been received. As such, once this critical wound stage has been achieved I will announce DANGER MODE on that Arcade Master. All further matches against that Arcade Master will be without challenging, to the death. These special Death Matches will begin at the discretion of the challenger so the Arcade Master should at this point be prepared to fight at the drop of a hat, even as soon as the challenger enters the room.
**Special Note: Clerical assistance is not always a given for these fights! If you opt to get involved in a Death Match please be prepared to DEPART ITEMS if a willing Cleric is not available.

At any time before or after a match the Arcade Master may step down from the position and return to Triage, and will be placed at the back of the contender line. If this happens I will announce the next two contenders that will be vying for the Arcade Master position.

Once everyone on the list has gone I will declare that the 149th and under bracket will be changing to No Limits and will request additional Call Outs for contenders to challenge the present Arcade Masters. Also, to spice things up and shift around the rooms a bit I might make a couple Wildcard Rounds where all brackets are temporarily lifted and anyone can challenge any Arcade Master.

As always, losers of the matches should submit their loss on the Wyvern Arena website(and will need to have an account set up in order to do so) to ensure that we have up to date rankings. That may be done here:

For more information on the Wyvern Trials and how to register, please visit here:

As this format will be exceedingly triage intensive I will be group sharing a pot of 250 platinum Kronars among Empaths(and Clerics if applicable) who help with triage. As always your support is greatly appreciated!
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Improve your PvP skills this Monday!
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