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 Thief Basics

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PostSubject: Thief Basics   Thief Basics I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 16, 2011 2:55 am

Hey guys,
In order to try to keep this relatively short and somewhat readable, I'm gonna save complete details for specific questions about particular khris/ambushes/etc. That being said lets get into a few basics.

The most important thing as far as I'm concerned when it comes to pvp with a thief, is knowing your oponent. Knowing your oponents strengths and weaknesses will allow you to be able to maximize your abilities through specific khri combinations. Obviously you don't always know everything about the person you are fighting, but knowing a little bit about basic guild structures will allow you to best use your abilities. You can usually tell most of what you need to know by using the mark ability. 'mark all (person)' this will give you the immediate information you need to know about what you are about to get yourself into.

Secondly, get to know your khri/cookies/hax..whatever you wanna call them.(we can get more in depth in another thread on each specific khri) Knowing exactly how many khris you can use at any given time, what combinations will work best with each other, how to turn them off/on quickly when the situation changes...those are all key in fully using a thief.

The last thing i'll address now is attack method. Should I backstab? Snipe? Ambush? The answer to that question changes with every fight. Theives are the most diverse pvp class(in my opinion). You have the tools you need to maximize your power on any of those tactics, the only question is.....what did you decide to train? My attack is dictated by my opponents weaknesses. Train the appropriate weapons to be able to take advantage of opponent you may come across.

Like I said before..breaking down every khri/ambush/ability in this initial post would have taken way too much time, especially considering each application of those skills is different based on the person you are fighting. We will get more in depth with each individual ability in later posts but if you have a question about one in particular go ahead and ask!


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Thief Basics
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