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 General Necromancer PVP

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PostSubject: General Necromancer PVP   General Necromancer PVP I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 15, 2011 3:13 pm

There will begin to be some overlap with other sections here, but here I'm going to talk a bit about basic PVP attack strategies.

1.) Don't be afraid to feel your opponent out. There are no rules saying you have to go in, mix it up and whoever comes out on top right off the bat is the victor. Get to know their basic defenses. Know what guild and race they are as that will probably give you a good idea of how they are statted, and what spell contests they'll be strong in, but don't be afraid to retreat and try it differently the next time. It's worth it to see how they respond, see if they use stick bow or LX, etc. Knowing what they try to do is valuable information.

2.) Opening with TM is only a good idea sometimes. Yes, we all like vivisniping people. It's fun, but when you target someone with magic from hiding you're activating a Power Perception contest. If it's a War Mage who couldn't dream of seeing you, they still might notice your spell targeting them. They don't have spot effect, but they'll know, and if they're quick they might crank out an AOE before you cast. The same precautions hold true against MMs, Clerics, Empaths, etc. They could see your spell even if they can't see you. That being said, most people are too slow to do anything besides run. When you enter inviso, you can try to stalk them. You won't get RT out of it if you're invisible. This, presuming its successful, keeps you with them and your targeting active even if they try to run away. Then you can blast out that vivisect or BLB and see what happens. You might get a quick, easy kill that way.

3.) Perhaps your TM doesn't work. Their shield is too strong, they've got AC or Shear up, they're a Barbarian of enough size that their MR breaks it up. It's not over! The best non buffing PVP spell a Necromancer has in his arsenal is Petrifying Visions. It's really the spell your fighting style should work around in most cases. A successful PV will put you in up to 5 seconds of RT, so timing comes into play here. You want to have a fully aimed range weapon ready to rock and roll while your opponent is immobilized.

A. Take a similar stealth entry approach and begin to aim while invisible. It's exceptionally rare that someone will see you aim if you're invisible. While hiding there's a contest, but if there is one for inviso it is highly winnable.

B. After about 3 seconds of aim time, you want to cast your PV. It should already be ready and you should already have plenty of mana for it before you enter.

C. When you get out of of spell RT, immediately rehide or stalk slip your opponent. By now you should have full aim. When that full aim message shows up, poach your opponent. Poach chest is good unless you're a little over your head in the fight. You're probably looking at a pretty big hit.

D. If the opponent takes a big hit but isn't dead, immediately prepare your next PV, load up again or get your next crossbow, aim again, hide, and try to snap off a second shot while he's still Immobilized. If you don't finish him or can't get the next shot in time, repeat the process. Get some mana, aim, immobilize him again, kill.

Until Necromancers get more disabling spells, PV is your best tool. Stat for your vs. Will contest. You absolutely need to be able to land this against opponents of considerable defenses, because we're not terribly strong in the offense department.

4.) PV isn't just for your Immob/Poach combo. You can use it to wear down berserking Barbs, freeze Rangers that have webbed you (You can cast back against HB) and in conjunction with your minions.

When using a zombie and mudman to kill someone, PV is a nice addition. Stay in the shadows, keep prepping them and when your zombie is at melee, let it fly. You'll give your monster ample time to carve your opponent up. A construct will also help with its mudsling attack. The short stuns are if nothing else irritating, and sometimes they do it at just the right time to further hinder your opponents' defenses.

5.) VS is great for crowd control and against other stealth heavy opponents. DR characters criminally undertrain for the Vs. Stam contests, so you can get surprising success even against characters you might not see on your own. If you know there's a hider that you want to shoot, just prep up your VS and let it fly. You could put him in massive RT. Immediately prep your PV and Aim or prep a Vivisect as soon as you're out of spell RT and start digging in.

Even if they're not stealthed, hitting characters like Gnomes, Elotheans, Elves, MMs, etc., anyone you suspect has poor Stamina contest stats can give you a ton of time.

When using a zombie, try to be facing/aiming at the target you want to be killing before you use VS. Command your zombie and/or construct to enter right before you cast. You should be able to blast the room with goo before they enter, and they'll then begin attacking your opponent before you're out of spell cast RT.

It doesn't hurt your opponent's defenses at all, but it can buy you a lot of time.

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General Necromancer PVP
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