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 Ranger Basics

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>>The Ranger skill set<<

The Ranger skill set allows you to set yourself up for a formidable PVP class. Being survival primary means that your Stealth / Evasion / Perception / Scouting should all be relatively close to each other in ranks. So in theory you *should* be able use them all equally in a PVP encounter. Being Armor/Weapon secondary is also a very good thing, again you *should* be able to keep your weapon skills close to your armor skills allowing you to properly train Shield/Armor/Bow/Melee within bounds of what you expect from PVP encounters.


Scouting is a powerful tool mostly under estimated in the way of PVP, you can simply >track (player) and then as they run off you >track to them. This opens something similar to a Ranger trail that allows you to follow the person (though it's limited it's very useful) you can even track them from hiding, holding a loaded bow and prepping a spell.


This brings up an important point I would like to make about Companions. While the Companion system seems to be frowned upon by the unwashed masses, I have found them to be extremely useful. Once you get your wolf to the young stage you can track the wolf and then send it to find (player) and then you in turn TRACK to catch up to both the wolf and the player. Using this in Stealth allows you to get the drop on your target quickly and easily.

On FULL-GROWN wolves;
Full-grown wolves pull people from hiding/inviso which leaves them on prone on the floor, this can be useful if you cannot search the person out, or if you just like to pester people.

[Note from Fyrn: I've seen first hand against Nefidyne how lethal this can be. Companions are equivalent to shift moonbeam except they pull hiders. Track wolf is equivalent to moongate except you can stay in hiding. And running trails is almost like the moon mage astral plane (in that it speeds up travel quite a bit. Trails can be faster or slower than using the AP). The only thing moonies have that rangers do not is a locate, but between tracking your wolf and the befriend system this loss isn't very great.]
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Ranger Basics
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