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 How to Train Your Necro

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How to Train Your Necro Empty
PostSubject: How to Train Your Necro   How to Train Your Necro I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 11, 2011 6:13 am

In this section I will discuss my thoughts on training your Necromancer with PVP in mind.

Necromancers as you probably know are one of three Survival Primary guilds. Additionally they learn Magic skills and Lore skills at secondary rates, and Weapon and Armor at tertiary rates. The survival Primary skillset provides accelerated learning in several skills that are tremendously valuable in PVP. Namely:


You will note that 3 of these have to do with stealth and the prevention of others stealthing upon you. Stealth is how Necromancers fight. They are ambushers, and hit and run specialists in a protracted fight. It is therefore important to keep those skills moving whenever you're doing your combat training. Try not to let them drain at all and they will soar. Use the Stalk slip in your training as well as the Hunt command, and don't be afraid to ret;ret;collect rock if your perception is still draining.

Additionally, weapon choice is important. More specifically, you want to have a ranged weapon, and not just a thrown one. The Aim command and the Poach ability are powerful in PVP. Use them. They both increase your weapons accuracy on a percentage basis, and with weapons as a tertiary skillset, you want to get as much bang for your buck as possible.

But Pariah! What about TM? That's a ranged attack and it's a secondary skillset. Why do I need another ranged weapon on top of that? I'm glad you asked. Two reasons:

1. You can't prepare two spells at once. If you want to use a TM spell, it means you're not also prepping a disabler or debuff. You can try to cast a Vivisect immediately after you VS or PV, sure, but you're still fighting the spell RT of the VS and that coupled with the time it takes to fully target your TM spell mean the person you're attacking may be out of the disabler, which sort of defeats the purpose.

On the other hand, if you've got an aimable weapon, you can still aim and take your shot almost immediately after coming out of spell RT and striking at your target while they are still under the spells' effects.

2. TM, to be blunt, sort of sucks for Necromancers. It absolutely has its purpose and can be effective for you, but Necromancers do not have a DFA spell. We have to cope with our opponents' shield, as well as a myriad of magical defense spells and abilities. When you're fighting other characters that are as strong or stronger than you are in terms of ranks, often times your TM spells, even with full target, will clatter harmlessly off of their shield or be eaten up by a Shear, AC, BMR, COE, etc. If you do just TM and no other ranged attack, you're at risk of becoming a predictable one trick pony that can be made harmless.

Don't get me wrong, TM has its uses. Train the heck out of it. Just don't let it be your only option. Other than that, train like you would with most characters. Shield, low hindrance armors like leather, cloth, LC, etc., a few weapons. You're not reinventing the wheel.
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How to Train Your Necro
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