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 Moon mage summary

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PostSubject: Moon mage summary   Moon mage summary I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 07, 2011 3:57 am

Moon Mage PvP Introduction:

PvPing with a moon mage is an extremely fun and gratifying experience. Moonies arguably possess the greatest assets for outright PvP. Our list of assets includes some of the most potent debuffs, strong stealth skills, the ability to be unreachable should you choose to flee, the ability to both find and quickly travel to any target, and of course, the best disabler in the game. PvPing ideally, a well played moon mage can compete up to 30 circles above them.

MMs' PvP weak points will be any PvP where there are rules, as in duels and tournaments . These restrict movement and invisibility which are crucial for successful PvP. Another weak point is in any situation where you are outnumbered and while it's still possible to win, MM PvP centers around our debilitaters and disablers. This is against most advice you will read, but it is my whole hearted belief that in fights against multiple targets ALWAYS KILL THE WEAKEST FIRST since it will take less effort and removes a dragger/counter attacker/buffer and general annoyance.

Now onto general rules:
-Always disable your opponent until you can sustain a chain stun (this means killing assisting characters first).
-Run if you're losing. Out of the times that I've lost, most of them happened because I didn't disengage but plowed ahead disadvantaged.
-Use shadewatch mirror if you have it instead of locate (exception being if you're trying a stealth locate which will be covered in a post dedicated to getting the jump)
-ONLY kill with Burn. With very very rare exceptions, Burn will decimate your incapacitated foes better than anything else.
-RF is your friend. Use it no matter who you are against. All the time. This can't be emphasized enough.

Basic MM PvP:
MMs have the best disablers in game. Out of our major disablers, dazzle is by far the best, stat for stat. It is easy to land plus each cast unbalances your opponent and makes successive casts easier. All races are better off using dazzle than mental blast 90% of the time.

In short, disabling effectively means you can reach far far above circle. This is the goal, to leave your opponent with absolutely no effective defense for the Burn that will end things. This is why you should always kill the weaker first: disablers require a lot of focus and a lot of time, a third wheel will invariably ruin it.

If ever your opponent runs away, use RF first thing, figure out your next move after that. Whether you can locate them (with SHM preferably) and hence continue the fight, or have to disengage because you lost surprise, RF will protect you as your opponent is forced to take RT to search for you, which gives you time to flee their spot effect before they can act on it.

Why PvP This Way:
Whether you are a good guy or a bad guy, expect your opponent to try to kill your text in any way they possibly can. As a MM PvPer, expect that your victims will QQ and call these tactics 'cheap.' Make no mistake, your enemies cry because you destroyed them so thoroughly, not because it was 'unfair.' Advanced PvPers know that the rule is "play to win." Any QQ is because your target wished they had a chance to do something in the fight, but then again, if your opponent has an opportunity to do anything but die, you're MMing wrong! End your targets before they can react and accept their tears as an offering to your skill!
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Moon mage summary
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